Our Approach to Teaching

The teaching methods and learning research pioneered by Howard Gardner at Harvard University called Multiple Intelligence is the basis for our approach to teaching. Everyone is unique and our goal is to make learning fun and rewarding.

We also employ a teaching methodology promoted by the Cosmetology Educators of America (CEA) which ensures maximum learning for each individual.

The Multiple Intelligences in Everyone

According to Gardner, there are eight different intelligences in everyone in the way they process information and learning. Unlike most schools that only deal with reading and writing, we also incorporate the other natural intelligences of our students. Special projects, role playing and other enhanced learning activities all encourage learning.

We want to ensure that our students learn. So, we assess every student to identify everyone's learning strengths and special talent keys. This enables us to target everyone's learning capabilities and focus on those special to each student. This ensures each student with the most positive teaching approach and environment for success with this proven method.

As a result, Career Academy of Hair Design and its use of Multiple Intelligence based education can more completely ensure that every student's needs are addressed. A student's success is assured.

The Power of Knowledge

We Teach Business

We are committed to the financial success of our students. Learning Cosmetology also means learning about the hair design business and industry.

We uniquely provide an extensive business course in conjunction with our other courses. It is required of every student. This will ensure everyone's success in the real world. It will provide financial projections that are real and very valuable. In essence every student will have a business plan at the completion of their studies, customized to their individual requirements.

We address revenue, costs, taxes, employment, financial modeling and all aspects of today's professional Cosmetologists' financial world. Making a living for many years takes more than just practical skills. It also requires a degree of financial savvy.

Career Academy of Hair Design students will have the financial knowledge to succeed after graduation.