Consumer Information

Consumer Information

To help you make a good decision about whether to sign up for your selected course, Career Academy of Hair Design wants you aware of the following information and rates. Included below are copies of the Drug Prevention Program, Campus Security Crime Program, and the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. Additional school policies are available for student review in the School Policy and Procedures Manual located in the School Library.

Area salons overwhelmingly prefer to hire our graduates due to our sales training and business course which is integrated within our programs. This training makes our graduates “salon ready” and marketable in the field of Cosmetology and related areas. Successful graduates can expect employment in the field of Cosmetology because of the current shortage of Cosmetology professionals as reported in local and national publications. Pay will be commensurate with the abilities and personality of the student, ranging anywhere from minimum wage and up. One method is a guaranteed minimum wage plus a commission on services over a set level. Another is a flat commission, usually 50% of services rendered but we are recently hearing reports of 60% being offered. Generally, tips will be a good secondary source of income. We recommend against chair or booth rental until you have had time to become established in your field.

Your workdays may require extended periods of time standing so comfortable shoes and generally good health is required of an individual in the Cosmetology profession.

The profession has a minimal exposure to damaging chemicals other than items such as hot wax, common solvents, and acrylic manicure liquids. You will be trained in the use of most readily available products.

An Arkansas license is required in the state of Arkansas prior to working as a Cosmetologist, Manicure Specialist, Aesthetics Specialist, or as an Instructor. The licensure requirement is to successfully complete the required clock hours including theory or classroom hours and successful completion of both the practical examination scoring 75% or above as well as the written examination which requires a 70% score or above; the written examination also includes a small state law test. All testing must be successfully completed before a license is issued by the Arkansas Department of Health/Cosmetology Section.

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